Risks to lone workers are risks to your organization.

Good Lone Worker Management Demonstrates:

  • Good governance – protecting your organization’s good name and reputation as part of a culture of staff safety, care & well-being.
  • Risk Management –  good lone worker protection reduces risks to your lone workers, your organisation’s officers, it’s brand and reputation and exposure to litigation. It also reduces employment risk by helping to maintain good relations with your employees, demonstrating their value to the organisation, with consequent operational and HR benefits
  • Compliance – demonstrating that your organisation complies with legislation and your own policies


Managing Lone Worker Safety – The Seven Steps

Lone Worker Safety Context & Culture
Identify & Assess Risks
Develop Lone Worker Policy
Define Lone Worker Risk Control Strategies
Implementing Lone Worker Risk Controls
Monitor & Manage Lone Worker Risk Controls
Responding to Lone Worker Incidents

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