Lone Worker Policy Checklist

Lone worker safety policy is a vital part of your organization’s safety strategy.  Download your free Lone Worker Policy Checklist here:

All staff should feel safe and secure at work.  Including lone workers. They should be able to carry out and perform their duties free from the fear of violence, and with the confidence of knowing that if they need help or find themselves in a threatening situation, they are backed up by an organization that is committed, supportive and has put strict management procedures in place necessary to minimise harm and enable an effective and rapid response.

A Lone Worker Policy sets out the aims of the principal officers of a business as part of their employer safety & security strategy, showing how they expect to manage lone working staff and keep them safe. Not only does the Policy represent good governance, but is an important means of communicating management intentions, describing the systems and procedures that will monitor its requirements and effectiveness, and helping make sure everyone in the business knows what is expected of them.

Get your own copy of our Lone Worker Policy Checklist.  It will help you establish and review your own lone worker policies.

Please note that we are not legal advisors and the checklist is intended to be used simply as a guide to help you develop lone worker policies within your own organization.


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