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How To Choose The Right Smartphone App For Your Business

Smartphones – mobiles & cell phones – are everywhere.  As a safety device, they can be a lifesaver.  They can be tracked through GPS, provide two-way communication through GSM, are mostly already carried by workers (meaning no extra capital costs or additional devices to carry, remember and keep charged), and are well supported with a wide variety of safety specific apps.  These solutions are simple and easy to use, and also a powerful and cost-effective way for an organization to get control of their lone worker management.

But here is the problem.  How to choose the right app for your business?

When combined with the right app & management system, perhaps even linked to an ARC monitoring & response service, a regular smartphone will reduce risks for lone workers, automatically triggering alerts under a range of situations (panic, session expiry, duress, man down etc.) so that the person(s) monitoring knows that a worker is in trouble and exactly where they are so they can respond and send help without delay.

Business owners, CEOs & CXOs, senior officers and health & safety professionals will be aware of their responsibility to manage the increased levels of risk that are associated with lone, remote or isolated work.  This includes a responsibility to ensure an effective means of communication is provided for both regular and emergency contact with every lone worker.

Depending on the risk assessment, a smartphone running a lone worker safety protection system (including app), supported with careful planning and the implementation of safe working practices, can be the robust, effective and reliable communication system you are looking for to mitigate the majority of lone working risks your lone workers face.

Benefits you can expect:
  • Know exactly where your lone workers are and know that they’re safe.
  • Be alerted either manually or automatically in case of accident or emergency.
  • Automated, pre-agreed regular contact at intervals you decide.
  • Ensure that alerts get through, even if the worker is unconscious, their device is lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Focus on genuine emergencies and automate the tedious processes of check in/ out, sharing calendars & diaries, phone calls, texts and emails.
  • Reduce risks to lone workers, company officers, organization & brand reputation.
  • Be able to demonstrate compliance with regulations, safe systems of work, and provide a safe workplace for lone workers.
  • Increase staff productivity & efficiency.
  • Instil & reinforce safety conscious habits amongst staff.

If you’re still managing your field staff through shared diaries and calendars (e.g. outlook) & manual check-in/check-out arrangements, (e.g. whiteboard), perhaps supported by a plethora of e-mails, texts and phone calls, then you should take a look to see what a lone worker management system can do for you.

Buying a smartphone lone worker management service can be confusing – there are many providers, suppliers who are serious about safety vs. free or cheap “apps”, the different degrees of support, service, and monitoring options that are available.   So how should you go about choosing the right lone worker service for your business, and what information do you need before you approach a supplier?


Lone Worker Smartphone App Evaluation Guide

That’s why we’ve developed a specific Lone Worker Smartphone App Evaluation Guide to make it easier for you.  You can download it here right now.  It’s intended to help you with all the important questions you need to ask when choosing the right smartphone lone worker protection system for your business, your lone worker risks and the specific needs of your business.

If you think having your own copy of the Evaluation Guide will help speed up your selection process, save you the bother of having to do all the research yourself, and generally make life easier for you, please enter your details below for immediate access.  We’d love to stay in touch so you will be amongst the first to get new “how to” guides & templates and access to lone worker information as we publish it.  (You can unsubscribe at any time of course).

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