Aug 042015
NSI Silver Certificate of Approval for Lone Worker Device Services - BS8484

NSI Silver Certificate of Approval for Lone Worker Device Services – BS8484

Congratulations to StaySafe for achieving NSI Guarding Silver status for the “provision of Lone Worker Device Services” complying with British Standard BS8484! (Code of Practice for the provision of lone worker device services).

StaySafe is now one of only a handful of lone worker safety devices available that meet the current industry standards of approval, and one of even fewer smartphone lone worker applications.

Intended mainly for businesses and enterprises, StaySafe Business is available globally. It uses a smartphone App and GPS location updates via an online Hub, and automatically sends alerts to emergency contacts if a lone worker needs help in case of accident or emergency.

What Does BS8484 Accreditation Mean?

In the UK. UK Police won’t guarantee a response to a lone worker device unless the supplier has been audited and certified to BS8484. When a lone worker device like StaySafe that complies with BS8484 is linked with an accredited ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre), it forms a response system that has direct links to the police. In an emergency, this will obviously save valuable time, and ensures that lone workers supplied with an accredited device get priority when they need help. Whilst lone worker devices won’t usually prevent incidents from occurring in the first place, they certainly reduce delay and the consequences of delay.

Everywhere Else. Every StaySafe user, wherever located, benefits from a solution that has been independently audited and meets the highest industry standards. This is good to know when you’re talking about a system designed to keep staff safe and free from harm when working alone!

Advice For Choosing a Lone Worker Solution

The BSIA (British Securities Industry Association) recommends the following when choosing a lone worker solution for your organization:
• A devices or smartphone application that is certified to BS8484
• A supplier who can prove they are audited and certified to BS8484
• Monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre certificated to BS8484 (Part 6) and BS5979 (Cat II)
• Solutions that fit the lone working application and risk profiles of your workforce.

Smartphone lone worker applications are growing in capability, sophistication and popularity, and will more and more often be found to be a viable and cost-effective alternative to a dedicated device, especially for those who don’t want or need to purchase or carry additional hardware.

Click here to learn more about StaySafe Lone Worker Solution or ask for an info pack.

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